Pictures by Roger Salanova, Albert Jorquera and José Miguel Munoze


I was very nervous for this race since last year was crazy. Lina won and I had a crazy sprint with Sheila Aviles for the third position. I told myself that this is another race, you can’t really do the same thing again. And after feelings going up and down the day before, because of the absence of Lina. I decided to look on it from the bright side. Run cause I can. Run cause it’s fun. Run to win. I felt OK in the morning, I taped my knees just to keep them together. (though the tape fell off before the first downhill..) My preparation was similar to what I did on the other races, and I felt really fresh and ready to run fast on the start line.

The first part of the course was changed since last year. So now we ran up the road on asphalt, and into a more exposed trail, which after about 3 kilometer came in to the original course. I liked it more than the previous one actually.

The start I tried to speed up and run controlled but fast. I was second after Sheila when we reached the trail. I held that position to the first top, though with Ester Casajuana chasing me from behind. I was faster downhill though. Or maybe it was Julen Elorza slowing her down by filming me, haha. How ever, I had real fun on the descent to Pla de’lEstany, nothing hurt at all. Sheila was about 5 minutes ahead at this point. Then I kind of hit the wall, where did my power go? Step by step but not really much energy left. Ester passed, but I could still glimpse her up there. Half way up I got the message Sheila was now 8 minutes ahead… Not a chance I could catch her, but told myself the other one I will pass in the downhill. Actually, I kept my third place al the way to the top even though I was tired. I guess this course drowns every one’s energy.

I didn’t feel as fast as the first decent, a bit shaky legs and hard to breath. When I could see the refugio down the valley, another Catalunyan girl just passed. I couldn’t do much about it, only not letting her come too far away. “ I will catch them both”

After refugio Comapedrosa it started to be very exhausting. But I had fast feet and passed some men. But Suddenly, BOOM! I slipped and hit my knee on a big rock. FUCK FUCK FUCK! I was so chocked and the pain was indescribable. I got so afraid and just cried out. A guy stopped even though I tried to tell him between my tears and catch of breath, that he should be keep on going. I could see a girl, or several? Pass where I sat, hulking and crying. I was so afraid something was broken so I didn’t dare to move for a while. The guy helped me on feet, and I could walk, so he could start his descend again. I appreciated his kindness very much.

After a few steps I felt running was OKAY but didn’t speed up anything, I didn’t care anymore about the positions, I just wanted to come down safe and sound. I lost the motivation quite hard. My plan had crashed because of that stupid fall. Out on the asphalt again I dared to let the legs roll and work a bit harder again, but my knee pulsed so much so I was afraid something would eventually snap off. Finally on the finish line I was neither happy or sad. I had had such a good race until the fall. I’m really happy I felt so strong many parts of the course, I feel that I’m on my way back. Right now I’m just a bit concerned about my knee, and disappointed that I didn’t hold it together and could be on the podium today.

I could have been a bit smarter with energy intake maybe? I probably would have needed one more gel and a bit more water than I carried, (just the little one you see on the pictures hahah) , but who knows if that would have helped? I was surprised when Albert told me I was 5th, because I thought that more girls had passed than only one.

Now time to recover that knee, rest hard, and I’m longing for getting home to see my family again and be there for a while before Matterhorn Ultraks EXTREME in Zermatt in the end of August.

PS. I wore the same top as Lina did last year, just to really get into the race. I think I almost did. Right clothing is important, don't you think? ;) DS