We are very Excited for the Skyrunning Season this summer! We are longing for running in the high mountains every weekend.

After the Winter Triathlon in the beginning of february, our plan was to go to the European Championship 29 /2- 1/3 in Romania. But both of us caught a cold when we came home, and I, (Sanna) had stomach ache for a week. So now when we finally have had some days of good training again, we feel we just want to keep on with good training and not go travelling and put more stress on the body with hard racing. We want to be strong and prepared when the skyrunning season start! So here we’ll share our plans for the summer with you! We hope to be able to do all of them, but we listen to our bodies now more than we have done previous years, that is priority number 1.

So what do you think? Hope to meet you somewhere out there!

Sanna and Lina