Picture by Tonje Lien Wold

Nosen100 50 k Race Report

The recovery from Lofoten stage run didn't go very well. We drove home after some more amazing days in Norway, and really crashed at home. We just felt like sleeping and eating. And so we did.

But another race was already planned. Though the forecast showed sun and good weather at home and rain and fog at the race location... but our parents had start driving down to cheer on us. A group of friends were also racing. And we felt like, well, let's give it a go anyway. Eight hour drive south, also in Norway, but a place we haven't been. Valdres for Nøsen100, but we were signed up for 50 kilometer. Very glad I didn't run a step longer. 🤣😅

I didn't feel so well in my body and head. Was dizzy and wanted to rest. I timed in perfectly to get my period the evening before start. So had to live with bad stomach cramps. The long drive and lack of both sleep and recovery was also a great recipe for heavy legs.,. but I was anyway longing for getting out and run on a new place. Everything feels better when moving.

Nothing of the course was marked so everyone ran with gpx watches. I had one from a friend. First time I run with a gpx watch following a route. (I mean I have done it with phone in several races, but actually not with a watch) 😅 But it was cool. Hans-Kristian, the watch owner, also has the podcast Neda podcast, Nå er de alvor. Check it out!

In the start worst legs in a looooooong time. Felt like I was running with another body. My legs were so heavy. Despite the heavy feeling, the first downhill was fun so I managed to run fast on the wet and muddy trail that wasn't too steep or too flat. I took many guys and went into 2nd. Passed Lina who already had problems with her watch..

Then I was so destroyed again when reaching a gravel road. My body was like "well that was it. You had a bit of fun, 10 k is maximum, you're done now, go have some rest".

I wanted to lay down in baby pose. But then I told myself; "Just accept that the legs are heavy and the body don't coorporate today. But when you accept it, it is just to go, some parts might be slow, but chew on any positive vibe out there and it will be better." And so it was. Even though the weather wasn't the best it was very nice for running, the trails were fun and I could enjoy nature and was so happy there were many other runners along too.

On the second climb I was a bit dizzy too. Have the last year gotten this dizziness every fourth month or so when laying down or bending forward... If you have any tips of what it is, throw out a dm pls. It usually stick with me then for a week or so. I thought it might be due to stress, lack of recovery and bad sleep. But I don't know. (It is not only when doing sport).

Anyhow, Lina got help restarting her watch and was now happy again and continued faster than me up the mountain. I was dragging myself up. Step by step. Into the unknown. White out. Saw only about ten meters in front.

But it was not cold. I had put too much clothes on.
It was so foggy up on a wide ridge with no trail, and only super slippery sharp stones. And pretty hard to navigate. I came a bit too far left and saw suddenly a few silhouettes to my right. It felt like a game. I came into the group. One guy laughed and wonder where I came from. They had all faster feet than me and jumped off on the slippery stones. Another woman also passed. I walk there because I didn't want to fall and hurt myself up here... I felt so slow, but told myself I save my energy for later.

Another group came also from behind and we helped each other in the fog to navigate right until further down where it cleared up and a fun trail came. Very cool open landscape. I really liked it! All downhills were very fun throughout the course and there I could run fast. Here we also met the 100k runners who were climbing up from the other direction. Very good to cheer on each other!

Mum and dad and Kira were cheering on the way as well and I was very happy to see them. That also gave a boost.

After 27 k on the first aid station I filled my bottles, always one with water and one with energy drink. I was in a good mood and I continued but I couldn't speed up on the trail even though I now had the woman that had passed me in sight just 100 meters in front.
My muscles got stiffer and stiffer and as we came out on a long stretch of some gravel roads I had light cramps in my hamstrings and an increasing pain in my right groin up to the hip pain. And ran slower and kind of limped forward. Not so fun anymore.

Soon my strong friend Natalie Persson came by my side. She looked very fresh and happy. But worried about me. She said, “soon the trails start again, and you might feel better!”
I didn't believe that, but something in those words made my mind stronger. She really encouraged me. Took after a while paracetamol and could then start to run properly again. (I don't recommend pain killers, heh, but this time it really helped me to continue.) The pain didn't disappear completely, but I got a real kick from a gel and started my hunting. I didn't think I would pass Natalie again, but something had happened in my body and some kind of determination grew. The trail we had come into was very fun, a bit wet at times but I just bombed through, never knew how deep it was, sometimes ankle deep, sometimes higher than knee deep.

I might exaggerate how "fast" I ran. But if comparing to my speed just 20 minutes before, I had started to run very fast.

From the 40k aid station I took my chance to pass the 3d lady too. Finally on podium place again. Only 11k left. If I kept this speed, I doubted that anyone from behind would also get a "kick".
I really fought for it too. Working against the body is neither comfortable nor easy. I could run all the uphills too and have fun again. My breathing sounded from another world, but hey, who cares?
The trail was flowing and not too technical so easy to play down. I saw a black jacket further ahead and a running style I know very well.

I caught Lina as the trail ended and came out on the last 1,5 k gravel to the finish. When I shouted "come on now Lina! Grinning a bit, 25meters behind her. I knew she would not let me pass her. And I had chased so hard so felt I couldn't get closer more when it was only road left. She must have gotten so much adrenaline so sprinted away. I had chased so hard so was destroyed on the road. But it was a fckn hard day at work. 😆😆😮‍💨😵‍💫😵proud I made it around and had fun too. We had lots of rain but also glimpses of sun and very fun trails in between mud, water and slippery stones.

Veey happy for the Åre group that was there, Yohanna 3d on 100k! What a fighter. And all the other nice people we met.

PS: The pain is all good now, it is just because a bit too much of running and mountain time. With rest and other activities, I’m all good.

Molly won, Lina 2nd and I 3d

Next race Dyrfjallahlaup in Iceland.